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On My Mind- Acoustic Version Live by Royal Pirates on K-Poppin’!

T.T I don’t know why the sound has been choppy sometimes in my last couple of recordings… I am going to try and find out what it is and fix it! Sorry that it gets choppy every now end then! But This should help you guys last until K-Poppin’ releases the full video^^ 

You can actually hear Sooyoon’s drumming with the pointers XD

My Experience as a YG Trainee



After reading the post “Confessions of an EX-SM Trainee” I have very much been thinking a lot about my whole trainee life with YG. I read a lot of comments for that post and people are saying it’s a fanfic and whatever and obviously you guys are going to say that about this post as well, but…

YG trainees are in a separate building from YG artists, they’re not allowed to be with 2NE1 and Big Bang. Nice try there, it’s quite obvious you only wrote this because you want to spread false information about CL. You people are pathetic. 

Believe it or not, remember, haters everywhere!

Y-Star News Interview Translations

We met with skilled band Royal Pirates, who show a genuine passion towards music.

‘[Live Star News] Hello viewers, we are Royal Pirates~! It’s nice to meet you!’
They’ve caught the eyes of the public with their debut song “Shout Out”.

Q: What type of song is “Shout Out”?
A: [SY] It’s a free-spirited song, not going by the framework of others… It attempts to show diversity and its message is to try and live freely.

Gaining skills after having performed in some famous places in America, Royal Pirates also have fans overseas.
Q: We’ve heard you have a lot of fans overseas?
A: [M] We’ve performed in a club that Hollywood actor Johnny Depp operates and our fans came, but since we are called “Pirates” they came dressed as pirates.

James catches the eye for looking a lot like Daniel Henney.

Q: You look like Daniel Henney?
A: [J] Truthfully Daniel-hyung is really good looking.. so it’s a great honor for me…

Royal Pirates are in the same company, and therefore same family as Daniel Henney- we’ve been told you have a brotherly relationship.

Q: Are you really close to Daniel Henney?
A:  [M] We meet with Daniel-hyung for drinks and he gives us a lot of praise and also advice on entertainment..

Royal Pirates have the utmost love and passion for music-

Q: What do the members find most confidence in?
A: [J] We have a lot of interest in making music, so I’d say we have a lot of confidence there.

In that moment vocal Moon sang Bumkey’s “Bad Girl” as a guitar version.

As the Royal Pirates are promoting “Shout Out” they are also in preparations for a new mini album.

Q: We heard you have an album in the works?
A: [SY] We are working on songs that we have all participated in the lyric making and composition of, and we’re hoping to meet with everyone with them soon.

Q: To the viewers..?
A: [RP] In the future we hope to show a better image and even better music to everyone. Until now, this has been the Royal Pirates~

We look forward to when the Royal Pirates open up new horizons for rock music~

Translations by Ann @ FYRP

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